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Travel and
Appointments Supports

Travel and
Appointments Supports

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Travel and
Appointments Supports

Amazing Care services provides travel and transport services to people with disability. We believe that assistance with travel and transport is essential in building the capacity and confidence to travel independently- whether it is by public transport or via personal transport. We train you to use public transport, related aids and equipment.

Some NDIS plans may also include the use of taxis or other private transport options, where a participant is not able to travel independently. Additionally, Disability & Aged Care Diversity is able to provide a wheel-chair accessible van to support our participants who are unable to access public transport. We can drive you to and from any appointments.

Our transport service, which can be scheduled in advance, can take you to and from the following:

  • Medical appointments
  • School or another educational facility
  • Work
  • Local shopping centre
  • Around your community

The NDIS provides three levels of Transport funding for the participants who are unable to drive or access public transport without substantial difficulty due to their disability.

Level 1: This level of funding is applicable for the Participant who has a goal towards improving community participation.

Level 2: This level of funding is applicable for the Participants who are working or studying part-time (up to 15 hrs / week), participating in day programs and for other social, recreational or leisure activities.

Level 3: This level of funding is applicable for the Participants who are currently working, looking for work, or studying (at least 15 hrs / week).

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